Vic LeBouthillier lives in Kelowna, B.C., Canada and has spent the past 28 years of his 38 year career applying new developments in behavioral health sciences to leadership, workplace and family environment. His personal vision statement best reflects his focus:

“To close the gap that exists between advances in socio-psychological health sciences and the individuals and businesses that need the support.”


  • HEALTH CARE CONSULTANT: Founder and Director of Streamline, a consulting and software development firm focused on enhancing health care services and human resource initiatives (
  • MENTAL HEALTH RECOVERY: Vic, with his wife, live in and direct a small inpatient recovery center supporting individuals recovering from depression, anxiety, PTSD and marriage restoration. (
  • INCREASING THERAPY EFFECTIVENESS: Co-Founder and President of MyOutcomes: a product that helps increase the effectiveness of mental health service in a clinical setting. MyOutcomes is used by large and small, private and government mental health clinics in 24 countries, as well as by the US military. (
  • DIRECTOR STRESS RESILIENCE PROJECT: The Resilient Mind Project vision is to make advanced neural, behavioral and social sciences accessible and affordable to all. This is accomplished by using gamification, social media engagement and multimedia interactive tools. (


Clinical Director of Alive for wellness: A 24-bed, inpatient facility providing mental health recovery programs. Alive faculty members work to reduce the cost, so that people of all socioeconomic statuses can afford the opportunity to receive inpatient treatment. To learn more visit Read Carrie Fisher experience.


CEO and publisher of Alive Publishing Group: A publisher of health-related journals, books, and distance education home study courses. Alive garnered the highest readership on health-related topics in Canada, with more than 1.2 million monthly readers relying on advanced behavioral, neural and social sciences reporting. Alive was the recipient of four Benjamin Franklin publishing awards.


President of Columbia Group: A management consulting service supporting businesses in human resources and IT consulting services.


Founder and President of Brick & Co: A engineering contracting firm that specialized in diagnosing and reparation of building structure deficiencies.